Why Silk Scents

Why use Silk Scents Fragrance oils? Say goodbye to constant reapplication and say hello to all-day enchantments. Because our oils are uncut they contrain your alcohol, typical cologne and perfumes are up to 85% alcohol, which quickly evaporates taking the scents with it.

Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a night on the town, rest assure that your scent will stay with you throughout the day, effortlessly leaving a lasting impressions. 

1.) Long Lasting

2.) Skin Safe

3.) Up to 4x more potent

When it comes to smelling good, we’d like to think we know what we are doing after establishing ourselves as the leading luxury car freshener, brand. We’ve decided to offer more than just car air freshening products to our global customers so we also added home air fragrances, scented shea butters, and scented body oils.

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